Bill Gates says it is ‘dramatically’ the finest time to be alive, despite rising prices and the economy’s bleak outlook.

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With prices rising and the global economy in a bleak state, it might be hard to imagine a bright future ahead. But according to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, it’s an incredibly exciting time to be alive! In this article, we’ll explore why he believes this and what his predictions are for the upcoming years. From investors to everyday citizens, read on to discover what Gates’ 2023 outlook entails!


The first conflict on European territory in decades is approaching its one-year mark, the cost of living is rising everywhere, and experts are constantly sounding the rhythm of an impending global recession, so 2023 might sound like one of the worst times to be alive. Just so you know, Bill Gates strongly disagrees with that assessment.

The Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist said this in response to a question on his favorite era of history during his 11th annual “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit on Wednesday.

After taking questions from his fans and followers for almost an hour on topics ranging from artificial intelligence to the ethics of being a millionaire, Gates concluded that the next few years promise to be “fascinating” in terms of scientific progress.

Gates discussed the areas he believes would lead to the next great scientific discoveries, noting that he is not particularly optimistic about the future of Web3 or the metaverse, two areas that received considerable attention from corporate and technological heavyweights in 2014. But he is fully invested in the vastly expanding capabilities of AI and its many practical uses, such as the ChatGPT chatbot powered by AI and released by OpenAI in November.

Gates posits that the rapid rate of scientific invention in the present day makes it one of the best times to be living. Although he acknowledged that the ultrarich could benefit from being kept in line with greater taxes, he argued that firm founders like himself still have a role to play. Additionally, he advocated that other multi-billionaires do the same and donate their fortunes while they are still alive.

Regarding the ultra-wealthy, I believe they should pay far higher taxes and spread their money around gradually. He wrote this in response to a query on how wealthy people should spend their time.

To catch a glimpse of the future

Interspersed with more humorous comments about what he is reading and his favorite TV episodes, movies, and comedy shows of 2022, Gates discussed the enormous dangers that humanity faces, such as climate change and universal access to health care.

However, while discussing humanity’s more existential issues, Gates took an upbeat tone by citing scientific discoveries, the work of his research firms, and the charity foundation to which he donated $20 billion of his personal wealth last year.

Gates updated the audience on developments at TerraPower, Gates’ nuclear reactor engineering firm, which is developing a new generation of reactors capable of producing power with zero carbon emissions and significantly higher efficiency than present models. As Gates pointed out, the conflict in Ukraine has disrupted the supply chain for reactor fuel, but he still believes the project would make a “big contribution to climate concerns as it will be low-cost and supersafe.”

Gates said that, in addition to technology advances, people may make a difference in slowing climate change by making decisions like buying electric vehicles, offsetting their carbon footprint when they travel, and electing politicians who prioritize the issue. We need backing on climate from both major U.S. political parties. It’s good to keep your optimism, he wrote.

For Gates, though, the arrival of AI with practical uses represents the most exciting development in the field. After becoming a grandfather and being a good friend and father, Gates said the third and fourth things he was most forward to in the coming year were making progress in health and climate tech and helping influence developments in artificial intelligence.

In response to a question about the technologies he believes will have the greatest impact in the near future, he stated, “A.I. is the big one.” “AI is fairly revolutionary, but Web3 wasn’t that enormous” or “metaverse stuff on its own wasn’t that innovative,” the author says.

Specifically, Gates admired ChatGPT, which Fortune CEO Alan Murray dubbed the “most important news event of 2022” a month ago.


“It gives a peek of what is to come,” Gates remarked of OpenAI’s development. I find the overall strategy and the pace of innovation to be very impressive.

In conclusion, despite the current economic issues faced by our society today, Bill Gates believes it is a ‘dramatically’ wonderful time to be alive. He highlights the positive aspects of living in a globalized world with access to technology and education that were absent just two generations ago. Furthermore, he points out how rising prices can often go hand-in-hand with an improved quality of life for many people across the world. His words serve as a reminder that no matter what hardships we are going through right now, there have been and will continue to be undeniable advancements throughout history if we keep striving towards progress.


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